3x lacrosse game rules

  • The essence of the game lies in finding enjoyment, engaging in healthy competition and embracing both victory and defeat in a fair manner.
  • 3x is played with three players on each team, resembling a half-court basketball format.
  • All participants are required to utilize standard short sticks during the game, excluding long-sticks, goalie sticks, as well as toy or fiddle sticks.
  • 3x employs a tennis ball or a soft lacrosse ball as the designated game ball.
  • The goal is a Lacrosse goal 3’x3’ in dimension & 10' crease.
  • The teams are required to establish a designated "Checkpoint" positioned at a distance of thirty-three feet (33') in front of the goal.
  • There should be a sufficient amount of space behind the goal to ensure unobstructed gameplay (ideally around eight feet or more). This allows players to maneuver freely.
  • Determining the starting team through a "Coin Toss".
  • There is a possession rule where a player is required to release or shoot the ball within five seconds (5s) of gaining possession.  

    Failure to release or shoot the ball within the designated time frame will result in a turnover and the opposing team being awarded possession.
  • When a ball goes out of bounds, it will be awarded to the team that did not make contact with it last.
  • In the event of a turnover or change of possession, the defensive team is obligated to successfully clear the ball to the "Checkpoint" before transitioning into the offensive role.
  • Following a goal, the defensive team is granted possession of the ball, which they must initiate from the "Checkpoint".
  • While in the defensive position, the goalie is not permitted to remain continuously kneeling or sitting down, with the exception of brief durations lasting no longer than 2-3 seconds. 

    However, the goalie is allowed to use their hand to play the ball.
  • During ground balls, players are exclusively permitted to play the ball and are prohibited from engaging in stick checks or body checks. 

    While vying for position on a ground ball, players may employ boxing-out techniques to gain an advantageous position, provided it does not escalate to the extent of a body check.
  • The game enforces a set of rules to ensure a safer and less physically intense experience. Hard stick checks, body checks, charging/bull dodging and forceful shots are strictly prohibited. 

    The gameplay focuses on minimal contact.

  • Most fouls committed during a game typically result in either a change of possession or a disallowed goal. 

    However, when more severe infractions occur, the consequence may escalate to the point where a penalty shot is awarded.
  • During a penalty situation, an exciting one-on-one opportunity arises between the offensive player and the goalie. 

    The offensive player initiates the play from the checkpoint and is allotted a time frame of 4 seconds (4s) to take their shot on goal. 

  • Victory is achieved by the team that successfully scores five goals before their opponents.