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3x lacrosse TOURNEY rules

  • Each team comprises a maximum of 6 players, including 3 substitutes.
  • Two different tournament formats that can be implemented: 

    1) Best-of-three or five matches format

    A team must score five goals to win a match. 

    Road to victory: Winning two or three matches, dependent on tournament format. 

    2) Three-Period Format and Shootout

    The game is divided into three periods, each lasting 6 to 10 minutes, with a 2 minutes intermission between periods. 

    In the event of a tie at the end of regulation, a shootout will be conducted to determine the winner.

  • Upholding good sportsmanship, demonstrating respect for the game and being a gracious competitor are fundamental elements that contribute to a successful and fulfilling game experience.

  • Players are expected to meet or exceed the attitude standards set by Panama Coastal Lacrosse prior to engaging in any game. 

    If at any point, it is deemed that a player's attitude needs adjustment, a timeout may be called with no specific minimum number or time limit, during which the player in question must rectify their attitude. 

    Players failing to meet the minimum attitude requirements may be substituted, asked to sit out, or even expelled from the game until their attitude meets the necessary standards. 

    The criteria for a positive attitude should be communicated publicly before the start of each game, although these requirements may evolve during the course of gameplay.
  • In order to maintain a safe and respectful playing environment, the following guidelines will be strictly enforced:

    There will be ZERO TOLERANCE for fighting, threatening, or bullying anyone during gameplay.

    Repeat offenders will face suspension and/or expulsion from the tournament.

    By implementing these measures, we aim to promote a positive and inclusive atmosphere where all participants can enjoy the game while prioritizing sportsmanship and respectful conduct.